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Premises Liability

A premises injury happens when you least expect it. Perhaps you visit a restaurant, warehouse, a doctor’s office, or a marina and somebody else’s negligence puts your safety at risk.

Some premises liability cases are fairly straightforward. For example, if someone at a grocery store is aware of and fails to clean up a spill, causing you to slip and suffer a serious injury, the store can be held liable.

Other cases are not so open and shut. If an apartment building has received a number of break-ins, the management refuses to take increased security measures, and a woman is sexually assaulted, the management company can sometimes be held responsible. The less obvious cases involve physical conditions or surroundings that put you at increased risk but do not necessarily cause your injury.

No matter how obvious fault may seem, the details of a premises liability are complex. Government agencies have established laws, standards and ordinances that spell out safety standards that Florida property owners must abide by. We can determine which laws apply in your case to give you the best chance of securing compensation for your injuries. The most common types of premises liability claims involve the following accidents:

Slip and falls:

If you slip and fall because of anther person’s negligence, you can suffer from a variety of injuries: broken bones, serious injuries, sprains, debilitating back injuries and more. A slip and fall can occur from wet floors, holes, missing railings, spills, tears in rugs and uneven concrete.

Dog bites:

If you are bitten by an aggressive dog, the dog owner or owner of the property on which you were bitten should be held liable. Injuries from a dog bite can include scarring, nerve damage and disfigurement.

Retail accidents:

If a shelf collapses or products fall from shelves, you could sustain a serious head and/or neck injury.

Swimming pool accidents:

Pool owners and water parks can be held accountable for drowning deaths, water slide accidents, and injuries caused by slippery surfaces. A lack of supervision, disregard for safety or faulty equipment that led to an injury can also be grounds for a premises liability claim.

Rape and assault

If you are sexually assaulted in a public building or parking lot, the owner or operator of the bar, apartment complex, hotel, parking garage or other business may be liable. These types of claims involve negligent security and can name poor lighting, lack of monitoring, or broken locks or fences at fault for enabling access and opportunity for an attacker.

If you have suffered a premises injury, you could be awarded damages for:

  • Medical bills
  • Future medical bills
  • Lost wages you would have earned while injured
  • The cost of future lost wages that you would have earned had you not been injured
  • The pain and suffering you and your family members resulting from your injury

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