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A team effort is utilized by our firm to assure our clients are provided valuable and beneficial service as well as in solving problems they may encounter in complex litigation. Our attorneys have extensive experience in various aspects of litigation. Their stories and needs become ours and we’re proud to represent them.

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A. Lande

I was very pleased with the people that she sent me to, doctors, therapists. And very pleased with the end results. Sarah Steinbaum is very professional and highly recommended. The end result was very favorable to me. As an attorney I was very impressed with the way Sarah handled the case and the way she kept me informed of what was going on.

I would trust her again for anything I would need an attorney for. The staff was very helpful and very courteous. I choose Ms. Steinbaum because she was recommended by my children who knew her and her husband.

Juan Gómez

Sarah me ayudó por un proceso personal bien difícil que, sin su ayuda, no hubiera sido posible. Es tremenda abogado, una persona muy humana y extraordinariamente inteligente e informada. Lo que más recuerdo es la dignidad con la que trató todo.

Flor María Arguedas

Estaba teniendo problemas personales con mi esposo en ese momento, al punto de que no sabía que hacer. Bastó con una llamada un domingo para que Sarah Steinbaum lograra tomar el control de la situación de la manera debida: confiable, con mucho tacto y gracia de principio a fin. Sarah se movió tan rápido que sigo sorprendida al día de hoy de lo eficiente que fue. Si hubiera sido otro abogado, no sé qué hubiera pasado. Ella es mi abogada y se la puedo recomendar a mucha gente porque como abogada es muy humanitaria.

Ana Rico-Aranco

Tuve un accidente de carro y Sarah tomó mi caso. Vine con ella a verme en una cita, me trató bastante bien, fue muy amable y quedamos en vernos nuevamente. Su llamada con las instrucciones fue pronta. Ella siempre estuvo pendiente y cualquier movimiento que había, me llamaban y mandaban cartas por el correo. Se aseguró que la terapia y todo el proceso estuviera bien desde el principio.

El caso se resolvió en unos dos meses aproximadamente. Cuando terminé la terapia, ella personalmente atendió los papeles y me compartió su propuesta. Hay que aceptar que es una buenísima abogada, demasiado inteligente y que soy afortunada que haya sido mi abogada.

Martha Figueroa

Sarah es bien buena y se faja. Yo tuve un accidente de carro hace un tiempo. Una amiga mía me refirió a Sarah, le traje el caso, ella me asignó el terapeuta y me recuperé de ahí al día de hoy. Sarah se comunica conmigo directamente,  me mantiene informada por correo y si no confiara en ella, no hubiera venido con ella. Sarah es mi abogada.

Mearl Basden

I have no words but I think she’s one of the best. She can be trusted and she’s a very nice lady.

Nardja Basden

Words can’t describe how amazing Sarah is as an attorney and more importantly, as a person. One of the best attorneys out there. I highly recommend her and the law firm to anyone seeking representation.

Mona Hernandez

I had my accident and needed an attorney. You watch TV and you see all these names come up everywhere, I even received a couple phone calls but I have to be comfortable with who you are in order to work with you. My sister called me to ask if I had an attorney appointed before time ran out. I searched for Jacoby and Mayers and when I called, they took my information, met me right away and when I left there, I went straight to the doctor’s office. They set me up with appointments and went through with the examination and physical therapy process. It was a total of three months.

Sarah kept me informed, they were very helpful and guided me through the entire process since I lived far away. I’ve told people that if they need an attorney, they should call Ms. Steinbaum. Sarah was amazing, conscious of the adversities and determined. Things were efficiently handled via mail. I liked her personality and character.

Georges Sami Saati

I worked with many lawyers, been through many different courts during my 40 years in business. Most of the ones I’ve met just kept postponing, playing with me, my emotions, my mind, just to do what most of them do best: “milking the cow“. When I met Sarah, I found her to be, not only an intelligent person, a smart person, an upfront person, determined, well-rounded and who will tell it like it is, and a very attentive, warm and humane person. She told me from the beginning that it was going to cost me $100,000. 00 (hundred thousand dollars). Sarah did not increase the price on me as lawyers usually do, she did not dilly-dally me, she worked very hard for her money and I knew I could trust her which is the most important thing in a world full of dishonest people. We won the case, big time. We then had a second case in 2009, a would-be multi-million dollar case. Sarah charged me only $10,000.00 (ten thousand dollar) and the case was solved quickly. The other party dropped all the charges against me immediately and once again I’m very proud and happy to say we won the case again. Nowadays, I am still dealing with lawyers in courts in several different countries. I now realise that you can find thousands of lawyers that graduate every year, they all promise you the world, to get more money out of you, and at the end you realise you could’ve done better. So, Sarah Steinbaum is not offering you law services, she offers what is priceless: TRUST.

In case you need a lawyer, I highly recommend (with all my experiences with lawyers,) that you hire the services of a lawyer that not only knows the law and works hard and looks at you as a human being in need, but also a lawyer, that I repeat, YOU CAN TRUST.

Herold Melus

I really appreciate the work and time and effort that these wonderful people took to help a stranger which turned into a friend. I felt like they treated me as family. I highly recommend anyone to seek help with these nice kind hearted people, because they will give you what you deserve.